Most people I meet want their lives to count for something and to leave their mark on this world in some meaningful way. Significance should not be confused with success or personal acts of self-promotion. True significance is about the positive impact our lives have on others or the world around us. This can happen on a large scale. It can also happen quietly in the most humble of circumstances.

We can all live significant lives by making wise and courageous choices about the way we live. But many of us get stuck between who we are now and who we aspire to be.

This is where coaching can help.

Clive Wilson
Clive WilsonLife Coach

How can I as a life coach
serve you?

  • By bringing clarity to the significant things you want to achieve in your life and help you translate your dreams into a compelling and motivating vision that works for you
  • By working with you to identify and develop priorities and goals that will help you achieve your vision of significance
  • By challenging and encouraging you as you seek to convert your priorities and goals into action
  • By giving you the tools to enable you to coach yourself in the future

How will you know if Significant Lives coaching is right for you?

Simply contact me to arrange a free session where I can find out what you would like to achieve from coaching.

I will develop a life coaching proposal that is specific to your particular needs and will include time frames and cost. This no obligation proposal will be sent to you by email and you can then decide whether to proceed or not.

Typically coaching is conducted in six or more one hour sessions either at my home office based in East Auckland, a local café or by way of Skype calls.

Although not yet an accredited member, I adhere to the professional Code of Ethics established by the International Coach Federation. Click here to view.

If you have any questions, please contact me.