Life Coach, Blogger and founder of Significant Lives

I was born in Auckland and raised in Melbourne, before returning to New Zealand to make the land of my birth my home. I have been married to Lorraine for nearly thirty years, have two lovely step-daughters, two great sons-in-law and a wonderful tribe of grandchildren.

Throughout my career I have had various roles in customer service, staff training and management. For the last 20 years I have been engaged in pastoral leadership and ministry which has brought me alongside people as a mentor, advisor, encourager and supporter during some of the most defining moments in their lives. This and a wealth of various personal experiences have prepared me well for my role as a life coach.

My interests include spending time with Lorraine and my family, sharing life in community with some very precious friends, enjoying weekly breakfasts with a great bunch of mates, sports, travel, reading and beach holidays.

Clive is an excellent listener and his coaching style is very person centred and solution focussed. He has a unique ability to engage in a way that creates trust and rapport very quickly and his clients feel heard and affirmed. 

Andrew Wood, Director, Howick Counselling Services, Auckland

Clive communicates with simplicity and clarity. I have learnt a lot from him about developing relational trust and how to coach myself and others successfully; traits that I have found invaluable in my own leadership positions. 

Matt Messias, Principal, Atrium Studio School, Devon, England