When a community of people learn to sing with one voice the result can be captivating.

The Sing-Off is an a cappella singing competition in which small teams of contestants dazzle with their vocal skills. The clever way they use their voices to both sing and mimic musical instruments can leave you forgetting that they are singing unaccompanied.

As part of the format of the show all the teams are brought together from time to time to perform a combined arrangement. The first time I saw this, the song was Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Click here to see the You Tube clip of this impressive performance, and remember there are no instruments!

In this wonderful display of unity by the Sing-Off contestants, it wouldn’t surprise me if there had been some disagreements and bruised egos along the way.

But a number of things stand out to me about the end result. The diversity. The standing together. The respect for one another. The stepping up. The stepping back. The oneness. The joy. The harmony. And the effect all this has on the audience. This performance is a great celebration of unity that makes a lasting impression.

Cooperation with others involves choice, effort and the overcoming of ego. But it is worth the investment.

The fact is, we accomplish so much more when we sing with one voice than when we try to out-perform those around us.

Photo: elwynn/Bigstock.com