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Honesty That Opens Doors

Honesty rather than ‘spin’ really does open doors! While I've never had the privilege of meeting the famous Scottish comedian, Billy Connelly, I feel like I've experienced the next best thing. Billy Strachan, also from Scotland, was the Principal of the college I attended in the North of England where I studied theology. In his [...]

By |2019-04-10T19:08:39+12:00June 7th, 2016|Humility, Reality|

Watering the Gardener – Lessons from a Mentor

Taking the time to mentor someone is an investment that can have far reaching effects. In my early twenties I studied theology at a school in the North of England. The main building was a former English country home that looked distinctly like a castle. It stood within a large rural estate that included a [...]

By |2019-03-13T12:48:11+13:00May 16th, 2016|Encouragement, Kindness|

The Courage of the Woman who Saved My Life

Courage could be defined as the willingness to act when no-one else will. My only near death experience took place at a hot pools complex north of Auckland. I was three years old. My mother was watching a child that she thought was me but on realising that he wasn't, went on a frantic search. [...]

By |2016-05-09T07:12:49+12:00May 8th, 2016|Courage|

Running Outside Your Comfort Zone

Who’s up for running outside their comfort zone? In 2007 I entered the Auckland Half Marathon. For someone who has never found running pleasant, this seemed like a moment of sheer stupidity. Here I was making a deliberate choice to take my body to a painful place it had never been before. The motivation was [...]

By |2016-05-01T19:56:03+12:00May 1st, 2016|Reality, Vision|

Fancy Footwear & the Concept of Team

Could you identify a team by their footwear? Have you ever noticed that the uniforms of many sports teams playing on the international stage end at their feet? It would seem that players are given complete freedom to use whatever boots they choose. This often results in a crazy array of colours and styles that [...]

By |2016-04-27T18:59:31+12:00April 27th, 2016|Teamwork|

The Kindness of My Favourite Teacher

My favourite teacher was defined by her kindness. The rumour circulated by my friends was that you definitely didn't want to go into Mrs Penman’s class. Any other class but hers. What is it with little kids? Where do they hear all these stories about cruelty in the classroom? But at seven years of age [...]

By |2016-04-23T20:15:15+12:00April 23rd, 2016|Kindness|
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