Finishing the Race

Finishing the race is easy if things are going well. But what if things are going badly and the potential for a good result is lost? Isn't it better to stop competing? Try telling that to an athlete who made a courageous choice nearly 50 years ago that still inspires me today. I call his [...]

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Running Outside Your Comfort Zone

Who’s up for running outside their comfort zone? In 2007 I entered the Auckland Half Marathon. For someone who has never found running pleasant, this seemed like a moment of sheer stupidity. Here I was making a deliberate choice to take my body to a painful place it had never been before. The motivation was [...]

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Cutting Hair and Chasing Dreams

Dreams. Everyone has them, but how many of us actively pursue our aspirations? Some of us go no further than sharing them with our hairdresser. That’s the one safe place where we know we’ll get a fair hearing. Hairdressers listen to our joys, our fears, our dreams. Many could write a book about what their [...]

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