Honesty That Opens Doors

Honesty rather than ‘spin’ really does open doors! While I've never had the privilege of meeting the famous Scottish comedian, Billy Connelly, I feel like I've experienced the next best thing. Billy Strachan, also from Scotland, was the Principal of the college I attended in the North of England where I studied theology. In his [...]

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Running Outside Your Comfort Zone

Who’s up for running outside their comfort zone? In 2007 I entered the Auckland Half Marathon. For someone who has never found running pleasant, this seemed like a moment of sheer stupidity. Here I was making a deliberate choice to take my body to a painful place it had never been before. The motivation was [...]

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Reality Check

We all need a reality check from time to time. A significant one for me took place many years ago somewhere between cracked pepper and pyjamas. My wife Lorraine won a competition that saw us spending a weekend in a flash hotel in Auckland with all meals provided. Unfortunately on the same weekend, Lorraine’s father [...]

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