Who are You when No One is Looking?

It has been said that who you are when no one is looking is who you really are. It’s in that quiet place that things like character, values, integrity and faith are forged. I am not all that I aspire to be in my private world and would be highly embarrassed if some of my [...]

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Honesty That Opens Doors

Honesty rather than ‘spin’ really does open doors! While I've never had the privilege of meeting the famous Scottish comedian, Billy Connelly, I feel like I've experienced the next best thing. Billy Strachan, also from Scotland, was the Principal of the college I attended in the North of England where I studied theology. In his [...]

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No Noisy Chefs

Chefs have got to be noisy in the kitchen to be any good at what they do. At least that’s what reality TV has led us to believe. My best restaurant experience however, dispels that illusion. Some years ago my wife and I were given an amazing gift from our family; dinner at The French [...]

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Developing a Culture of Humility

Humility. Not the kind of word that springs to mind when you think of hard-hitting rugby players. At least I thought so until I read a significant story that emerged from the 2015 Rugby World Cup. It featured Steve Hansen, the coach of the New Zealand All Blacks. While Steve is a coach that brings [...]

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